Touching Wiimote Whiteboard

Browsing over the Internet, come across the Johnny Chung’s post on the Wiimote Whiteboard, which utilizing the Wiimote to detects infrared signal, with the helps of a calibration software running, turn whiteboard into “touch” enabled whiteboard.

The theory (explained by Johnny Chung) which upper front of the Wiimote is a camera that will detects only infrared light, which the infrared is emitted by the sensor bar. Pairing the Wiimote to PC via  Bluetooth (Gosh, Wiimote has Bluetooth), hooking up with the calibration software. Is cool that Windows detects Wiimote as a input device without any hassle. Pressing and holding the Button 1 and Button 2 on Wiimote will let it pairing to the Bluetooth.

1st Round test with TV remote, which emitting infrared signal as well, but the result was terrible, during calibrating with the software, suppose there are 4 point to be calibrated, when pressing button on the TV remote, it blink and sending few signal, which skipped 2 of the point, ends up the TV remote calibrated badly, somehow it can be detected, but not usable.

Bought a Infrared LED from a electronic store, due to forgotten to buy wire to hook up the LED legs, have to ripped out one of my spare cable on my PSU, which then it works. To test the LED, I had to view the light over my PDA’s camera, because we can’t see it with our eye.

After tested everything, is time to mod a Infrared Pen, ripped an old pen, joining wires together, and it ends up like this.


This is the finish product.


The LED mounted on the pen, had to use tapes to wrap around the LED to make it fit on outside. Haven’t got the pushbutton switch for the on/off function, just had to leave two wires at the moment.


Wires are pull from the LED out to the back and extend with extra wires to reach the battery


Infrared in action, which the light can only be seen in camera screen. The light looks dim to me. Too bad, it works, but not working well. 🙁


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