HTML5 Color Input

Finally, when I’m searching for some JavaScript libraries, I came across with some input box, that actually called up OS X color chooser dialog, so I checked with the W3Schools page, it appears that <input type=”color”> and <input type=”date”> now is supported in Google Chrome, which was not working last I check months back.


HTML5 new input type such as color and date actually do save some times on implementing client side validation, a simple input tag rather than coding some scripts to check. Input tag such as <input type=”email”> actually trigger the email layout keyboard in mobile devices, which allows user to key in email addresses more easily because of quick access to symbols that appears in email address.


HTML5 Video, Leaving IE Users

While composing my previous post, I wanted to add a video to show the animation that I’m mention, so I decided to capture screen shots to show it on my post.

Lucky enough OS X came with many useful apps that most people might not aware about them, and download third party apps for the exact functionality. To capture the screen (in video), I use Quicktime’s screen recording function to capture iPhone Simulator and output as .mov file, then use a nice little free convertor called Adapter, to convert into flv, and was looking for WordPress plugin to post a video since then.

I have came across few, like Stream Video Player and JW Player, they both offer simple video browser to pick from my upload library, and generate the video player, but it keeps saying permission error when it plays, even though I already set permission 777 on uploads and plugin folder, no luck.

Then I remembered the HTML5 video, and the Gizmodo post, I decided to leave legacy browser behind, namely the IE 6 – 8, and go for HTML5 video. So I convert the mov file into mp4 and ogv, mainly because not all browser plays the same format as shown here. With a simple <video> with multiple source for supported browser to download.

Here is the markup I used:
[cc lang=”html4strict”]

Your browser does not support the video tag.[/cc]
It just that simple, it work nicely on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but on mobile safari, there will be a big play button that suppose showing at the center but it didn’t, and the preview image is clipped, but it plays well.

I guess the width in the <video> is too large for mobile screen, so the mobile browser just clipped the preview image, since in iOS it going to play in apps anyway. I suppose there are JavaScripts library or some responsive styling will fix it, but it’s not a show stopper for me at the moment and I’m doing a quick posting, might look into it in the future though.