Insufficient Permission while Uninstall/Install Safari

Installed and running Safari 4.0 on my Vista machine, while doing full system scan using Kaspersky last week, it warn me that Safari 4.0 have a security issue, and ask me to install latest update from Apple Inc.

So I had installed the new release of Safari, without uninstalling the previous version, thought of it will update over as in other software do, but end up I having 2 Safari, appearing in my Programs and Features list, so decided to uninstall the old one.

During final stage of uninstalling, which is updating component registration, it prompted this error message:


After clicking OK button, the progress bar reverse and the uninstall failed. I decided to take a risk, I use Revo Uninstaller to remove all the left over files, and Safari now is gone from my machine. So I start my installation on new Safari release, and I got that error message and everything ended after clicking the OK button, but Safari is installed (not sure if having any problem with it or not).

To fix the problem, is to add permission of current user to the registry key, which then I have no idea why in the first place the permission is revoke or something.

1. Launch regedit with administrator rights.

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerInstallerUserData\Components


3. Right click on the key, and choose permission.

4.Make sure that current user have access rights, just to be safe, make sure System and Administrator is there.


5.Click on Advanced, and go to Owner tab, select the current user and check the “Replace owner on subcontainer object” then click OK.

After apply, to verify accessible, can try to click on the sub key, which is show in the error message, if access denied, it will prompt error message, and might want to do permission setting on to the sub key by adding the user there, else it should be fine.

And the installation finish smoothly, and as for personal preferences, I uninstall and reinstall, just for fun, and it works!