Frustration UX at Lego Ideas

UI and UX design wasn’t something that I’m good or decent at, and most of the time when developing some features, UX often come to my mind last, and usually ended up with following some most basic form of structuring the elements on the web page without giving much thought.

Recently I saw an amazing idea for Lego set posted in Lego Ideas page, so I decided to go and support the idea, so that it get make by Lego and I can get one for myself. So by default, when I saw something nice and I wanted to support it, I feel excited, and I immediately click the “Support” button.

And I’m greeted with this popup:

Lego Ideas Create or Login Lego ID

Fair enough, they wanted to make sure only member can support it, so being the first time, I clicked “Create Your Own Lego ID” button. And then naturally I’m being presented with registration form. The registration form provide option to link social network account with the Lego ID, so I choose to login with my Twitter account, clicking the Twitter option will open a popup dialog for me to login to Twitter.

Lego Ideas New Account Prefilled Form

Just like linking Twitter to any website. After done, and the dialog closes, it already filled with the username for me using the information from my Twitter, and yes, I still have to fill in the other details like password, and birthday, it’s not that I can login directly using Twitter like some of the services.

So after fill up my password and birthday, click “Next” button, and fill in my email address, which is good thing that Twitter didn’t give away my email address.

Lego Ideas Create Profile

When I’m filling up my email address and selecting country, I immediately click the big blue “Already have an account?” button, because I am still excited about the Lego set, and I didn’t read the text on button carefully, and, from my experience, usually login came as a small link next to sign up button, and usually button to move forward during a wizard is at the bottom.


Lego Ideas Login Form

I get to redo all the steps again, and so did I, after I realized what happened. After I refill all the information and finally submitted.

Lego Ideas Cuusoo Account

Just at the moment I thought I can finally pledge my support to the Lego set, I was greeted with CUUSOO account, I don’t know what is that, and I didn’t read the description, because there’s already an option for “I don’t have a LEGO CUUSOO account”, so naturally I clicked that.

Lego Ideas Cuusso Account Confirm Dialog

And I get this popup, from the description in the box, it seems like it’s important that the user know what are they doing, but to me, it’s another layer that help reducing my excitement over the Lego set, to the point I almost gave up, but since I already registered, so I eventually clicked the big blue button, and finally get to actually support the Lego set. So tired.

Bonus, if I register the account using my Twitter account again, it detected that my Twitter already linked to my account, it show me this error message:

Lego Ideas Linked Same Account Notification

It probably is just a simple typo mistake, or just forgot to replace the placeholder text to a variable.

While I’m not criticizing the UX of Lego Ideas website, and I don’t know much about UX design, it made me finally realized why there are so many people passionate about UX, it might not sound as important as functionality, but it sure help in the conversion.