Cable Management Phase 1 with Wire Loom and Bata

Cables and dust all over the place under my desk, I can’t stand it anymore, head to hardware store to grab a 2 meter long wire loom, cost me RM17, quite costly for such thing.

Well, CPU sits on the floor, and 1 extension and 1 power regulator on the floor. Can’t put everything in the tube thing, so decided to grab my dvi cable, 2 USB extension and my Xbox wireless receiver and put inside the tube, and then go through the back of my LCD, the little hole on the stand there, nicely hiding the tube and all other cables.

Found my cheap ass Bata shoe box laying there on the cold floor, decided to put it on good use, become the cable box, holding my extension and my speaker’s heavy adapter, the extension host my LCD, CPU, speaker and my phone charger, and made some tiny holes for speaker and charger cords, and big one for LCD and CPU.

Now everything is pretty ok, but the cables still showing under the table, not much, next phase should get some thing to put behind of the table and hang those cables, and made it well hidden.

Phase 1 result:

phase 1


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